Interested in Photography?

Beginner in Photography? Starting Out in photography?

This is how I started out Photography on 2010. I had the same problem with getting my first camera.

“Which brand should i go, Nikon or Canon ?”

“DSLR or Mirrorless System ?”

I was getting my first camera & i was so stressed out by canon & nikon. I know nothing about Photography. I don’t know what’s Aperture , Shutter Speed & ISO.

I went to look into the specs sheet & I go for the Canon 550D *I know you guys PROS out there probably know that megapixels is not the matter* But i chose the 550D/T2i because it’s has 18 megapixels compare to the Nikon D3100 which have 14 MP.

After i got my 550D kit, I was totally shooting every image using AUTO. I don’t know what’s AV , TV , P , M on the mode dial.

I decided to open up my camera manual & read every single page & get to know what’s all this mode for.

I brought magazines, spend 10 hours watching video at youtube & learning about photography. Thanks to Karl Taylor, Joe Mcnally, Jared Polin, Greg Cazillo for their video & photography lesson.

I then get out of AUTO & started using AV *Aperture Priority* mode , I learn what’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO and understand them well. This is how i started. I then went into learning Composition *Rules of Third* , Exposure Compensation , Panning movement , Reading Histogram , Focal Length , Depth of field , Long Exposure.

I decided to shoot everything & anything keeping in mind the rules of third & constantly reading my histogram. I can tell you it’s not really easy.

At first, i was really into landscape , So i learn that i need a tripod. So i went looking for one. Manfrotto has a wide range of Awesome tripod. I went for it.

I brough the NeoTec *I think* manfrotto tripod. I find it very heavy after using it for quite some time.

I sell it & i get a Benro tripod which is carbon fiber & light weight. I have been using that tripod ever since.

I brought a 17-40mm for landscape work & 50mm 1.8 for shooting headshots when i was really into my landscape work.

Couple months later, I feel that i have outgrown my canon 550D so i decided to upgrade.

I decided to upgrade to Canon 5D mark II because i wanted full frame to make the most out of my wide angle lens , 5D mark II is really an awesome camera. It’s has great shutter sound & excel in High ISO performance.

After i brought the 5d mark II , That night was the worse night for me… I was influence badly by Joe Mcnally & Chase Jarvis.

They were using Nikon D3s ! I watch youtube videos about it & it’s better then 5d mark II. I was thinking of jumping ship at that moment. I can’t sleep for the whole night thinking if i should change camera system.

I read about Nikon stuff & it’s blows me away !

I decided to Change System & using the 5d mark II for 1 week ,I sold all my canon lens & i brought  NIKON D700 which i never regret buying with 50mm 1.4G, It’s has more AF points , High ISO performance is ON-PAR , Faster FPS & feels better in the hands.English: Nikon D700

I really never regret changing to NIKON. I brought the SB-700 to learn about FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY . bouncing flashes everyday & i use the CLS system to fire the flash off-camera.

Learn about flash photography almost everyday till i sort of master it.

I slowly upgrade tons & tons of gear. You can read the Post on Billingham camera bag to know what gear i’m currently using.

I brought lightstand , umbrella bracket & i was really into shooting portraits now.

I still have alot to say about how i get started but gonna just stop here now .


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  1. I graduated last year from point-and-shoot to DSLR and Nikon d3100 was recommended to me. I find Nikon’s interface more user-friendly for beginners than Canon’s equivalent DSLRs. Happy shooting! 😀

  2. you should try using the D2h, it would be the best 4MP of your life.
    shows that smaller MP is better 🙂

    I own only 5 lenses:
    70-200 vr2 (just to sit on my table for me to stare [only used it twice in my 2yrs of buying it])
    50mm f1.4g (walk around lens)
    16-35mm f4 VR <—- BEST LENS EVER! use it for my Portraits 80% of the time

    50mm f1.4 AIS (for my Nikon FA)
    105mm f4 self converted AIS (just in case I need macro)

    what I'm trying to say here is, there is no point in going for the best gear ever. Who cares about sharpness, I get paid but I don't even worry about how sharp a lens is just save that money and go buy yourself a good holiday. worry about good composition not gear.

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