85mm F1.8G Lens Review

Nikon 85mm f1.8G lens


Shot at F1.8

FJust brought the 85mm f1.8G lens yesterday & i can tell you that it’s awesome.

It’s AF speed is fast , Image quality is Great , Awesome for portrait.

It’s sharp from f1.8 to f11. I haven try to use f16 and above yet. So i couldn’t tell you guys if it’s sharp around those F-Stop.

Is it worth the money ? Definitely YES !

It cost $499 in the US & i got it for $610 in Singapore Dollar.

Downside of this lens is that it’s doesn’t have nano coat & the build doesn’t feel strong but it’s light weight.

Nikon should have nano coat this lens but i guess the price would be more expensive.

So yeah.

If you like to take portraits shots & doesn’t have money for the 85mm f1.4 , Go for this one.


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  1. malian

    hi sir nice review and nice shots.. at 1.8 it is nearly sharp even at corners.
    just a question though where in Singapore you have bought this?

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