ThinkTank Streetwalker

ThinkTank Streetwalker. (Not Pro or Harddrive)

For Nikon

For Canon

I brought the ThinkTank streetwalker series bag recently , It’s a very slim profile bag which fits tons of gear.

It’s fit D700, 70-200 , 24-70 , sb-900 & other accessories.

Definitely no problem.

It’s lightweight, slim , great padding which of course have great comfort !

It could hold a tripod using ThinkTank Tripod Strap.

All i could describe for this bag is that , Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

At first , i was thinking if i could fit all my camera gear including my harddrive , charger , cable , battery.

This bag never fails my expectation , i don’t have to squeeze all my gear in , it’s fits everything perfectly.

The bag provides Airflow channel with breathable mesh liner to keep your back cool while wearing the backpack. That’s what i like for the streetwalker.

Maybe i do a review of this bag when i’m on my trip to Thailand bangkok.

Oh yeah , do subscribe to my new YouTube channel @ fpsanders123

I won’t be using BNWanders anymore.

Great job ThinkTank for making such a wonderful & comfortable camera bag.


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